Best Development Practices For a Good SEO

Now! This is a mini bible for the top things to remember while developing a website. Whether it is an ecommerce website, a simple brochure website development or a high end bespoke website, we all need seo for publicity. So what do we keep in mind, to ensure that we get the best of the results from search engines?
To begin with, I would recommend buying a domain, that has the right keywords in it. If you are a beauty parlour, having words like spa, salon, or hairdresser can give you better results than random words like elite, john or for that matter tom cruise styles.

After the domain, comes the hosting. NEVER host your website on a https server when its meant for public information.

While doing the design, keep it simple. Assume that you are a school going kid and you would like to use the website. How simple would you like your website to be? Build it that way.

Have rich contents on your website. Some content writing companies can help you with rich contents for your website. Contents must be unique and have good keywords, relevant to your business. You can also seek advise from SEO Consultants.

After the website is launched, don’t forget to index it in all search engines. Search Engine optimisation is almost indispensable for online business. You must do as much publicity in search engines as possible.

Keep it Regular – update your contents often and let the information pass on. You will soon see a lot of visitors on your site just for information and eventually turning out to be good leads for your business.

If you are serious, I would always recommend buying SEO Service from a reputed SEO Company. There are many professional SEO Companies who know what to do and how.

All in All, take it easy and Keep it Simple.

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