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The +1 has around for quite sometime now. And yes it has indeed personalized the web all together to a different level. We search and yes, we get the results which we approve of or which our friends in Google+ approves of. But engineers in google have indeed taken up to the cause of a personalized web search pretty seriously since they became the best of all the search engines. We covered a lot of topics in the last post where we focused on how Google in its past few months have shelled out some serious innovations in their search technology. Previously we had also showcased a code and a wordpress plugin which would enable users to share content to their streams right from the website which indeed has seen quite a few shares on Facebook.

As of today Google rolled out another feature which again propelled personalized search and added the “Share to circles” feature right from the +1 itself. Once you +1 any content from the website you can share it among your friends and circles right from the website. It is still in limited preview but will be open for the public soon.
Google also scores above social networking giant Facebook by enabling developers to define the kind of content, the title, the picture along with the text, which Google calls +Snippets that will be shared to the stream. Developers can configure the specifics here.

Developers can also hard code the snippet information directly into the website. Below are a few specifics:

Example code containing each of the +Snippet attributes
Please refer to for the correct schema.



This is the article name

This is the description of the article.

More details of the +1 API can be found here.
The video is from the googleplusupdates Youtube Channel.



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