Why SEO is a Basic Necessity for Any Website

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simple words, it helps in the visibility of the website or web blog page in the search engine’s results (organic or unpaid). 

It is a process in which different activities are involved for having a good visibility in the search results by basic seo.

Why SEO for website and blog ? What happens generally when someone searches for anything in search engine? Naturally, people click on the sites which appear on the first page. Max to max they may tend to move to more 1 to 2 pages in exception case.
Therefore, having your website in the first page is the basic requirement. This increases the popularity of your website by having traffic and thus converting visitors into customers. Also, helps in increasing revenue for the company.

Suppose, Mr. X has e-commerce website named ‘Optical world’ offering sunglasses, spectacles and contact lenses online. It has very lucrative offers, discounts, gifts and other shopping facilities to offer to the public. But, the website is not optimized.

Since, the website is not optimized for search engine results, do you know what will be the impact on the website. The website will never have traffic and thus customers to shop because people will not even get to know that such website even exist online if it wishes to offer its product or services to large number of people in the world.

Even if people come to know about it somehow, the result for ‘Optical World’ will be shown in far page for e.g. in 200 or 300 pages.

SEO is a complete system and approach to popularize the website. The various activities performed are:

•    Content and article writing
•    Social media marketing
•    Directory submission
•    Blog commenting
•    Publishing ads and classifieds
•    Keyword analysis
•    Social bookmarking
•    Slide share presentation
•    On-page and off-site SEO

Besides above, there are many other innovative and creative ideas of SEO techniques which keep generating every day.

Thus, as a conclusion you can say that website without SEO is like Mango but no sweetness. Though you have Mango, it cannot fulfill your desire. Similarly, you may have website but it won’t prove fruitful or profitable to you until it is not optimized.

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