Facebook Timeline: Your Life Story on Facebook

It was the year 2012 when Facebook introduced its new feature “Timeline”. Firstly, it was optional for Facebook users to use its new feature but afterwards, it was mandatory for every Facebook user to use Timeline.

What is Timeline? Well, let me tell you. Timeline is the feature of Facebook that has replaced the Profile and Wall pages and merged them together. Timeline shows the story of your life as you told to it or as your story is recorded by the Facebook. What appears on the Timeline is status update, friendships made, photos, marital status and other information that you have added while making your Facebook account. It was mandatory for every user to use Timeline feature. Even today, if any new user creates account on Facebook, he has to use Timeline feature. The Facebook Timeline is centralized around applications build with the Open Graph Protocol. So if you are a developer, who is developing with Open Graph tools, you can access the new Timeline feature.

Before Timeline, it was Facebook wall that allowed the posting of messages. But after the introduction of Timeline, Facebook Wall was stopped. Timeline replaced the Facebook Wall. But there was no effect on news page feed. There was no change to news page. It is still there. After logging in to Facebook, you will see that the news page is still the same. But if the visitors go to your unique Facebook URL, they will be able to see your Timeline instead of old profile information.

Timeline also offers you the option to delete any of your contents from the Timeline. You can delete status updates, images or any other content just by clicking on the “Edit” button after which you will see the delete button. Besides deleting your information from Timeline, you can also restrict on who can see your details from Timeline. Timeline offers you an option to select about who can see your details from Timeline.

Facebook Timeline has many advantages. Some of them are listed below.

1.Timeline enables you to highlight posts. It is obvious that people will look through the text which is highlighted. Timeline gives you an option to highlight any text so that people gets attracted towards it to know what is so important in it. We know that the screen is divided into two columns. Normal posts takes only half of the screen. But the Timeline feature of highlighting helps in expanding the post across the whole screen. Also, there is no time limit for highlighted text. So you can keep that post expanded till you want.

2.Timeline enables you to pin posts. It is sometimes difficult to organize all the important material that you want to post. Timeline’s “Pinning” features enables you to keep your posts at the top of the page for seven days or till you don’t pin any other post. But Pinning does not takes up both the column.

3.You can easily get access to your older posts. We know that new profile page includes Timeline. From Timeline, users can see the posts of the past years. All you have to do is to click on a different year on which the post, you want to see, was posted.

These advantages are offered by the Timeline. Timeline is the place where people can get all the information from one spot. They don’t have to go to different pages to get the information.

You can also post the activities you do in the other apps in the Facebook Timeline. This is possible by using Timeline Apps integration.

Besides the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of Timeline. The main disadvantage of Timeline is that you don’t have the option to choose it. It is mandatory for every Facebook user to use it. In other words, it is non - optional. There is also another disadvantage but it is not a major one. It is that the image does not looks exactly the same as it is after uploading it.

This is all about Facebook Timeline. If you are a Facebook user then you are surely aware about its features but if you are not then go and find it out yourself by using it.

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