How Does Social Bookmarking Help in Increasing Site Ranks

What is Social Bookmarking? Well, the social bookmarking is the process of saving the web pages for future reference. It is not surprising to hear that you can easily improve your site ranking in search results of search engines by making use of social bookmarking sites. The major players in search count the links from these popular communities as backlinks to your website design. These links helps you in improving your site’s rank. Social bookmarking gives the support to your efforts.

It is already mentioned above that social bookmarking is an important way of getting more backlinks to your site. It has became very popular now and is used almost by everyone. The main motive of social bookmarking is to help its user in promoting sites they like by submitting them to a directory and categorizing them on the basis of keywords. After submitting, they are put into social bookmarking sites where people can see it and also like it, thus making it more popular. More the popularity means that more people are visiting that site and thus they will get a higher rank in search results.

A bookmarking site is the place where you can keep all your bookmarks. You will never lose them. We now know that social bookmarking helps in increasing your site rank. But the question is how? The sites that are bookmarked are considered as quality backlinks by the search engines.We know that quality backlinks helps in increasing rank in search results page. That is the main reason why professional SEOs include bookmarking in their SEO practices.

You should remember that the automated bookmarking is sometimes considered as spam and this can result in blocking your site. So better use manual bookmarking which is definitely going to raise your ranking in search results. Still there are some people who don’t use social bookmaking. The reasons behind this are -

1. They don’t have knowledge about how to use it.

2. They are not aware about the social bookmarking.

3. They feel it unimportant to submit links on other sites.

They should understand that it is important for them to do so if they want to get higher ranks. I will strongly recommend you not to ignore social bookmarking. You should have a good knowledge about the social bookmarking. If you don’t then you will surely have after reading this blog.

Social bookmarking is a great way of doing business marketing. Indirectly, it helps in increasing your sales. Your business is benefited with the use of social bookmarking. There are many benefits of social bookmarking. These are listed below.

1. New visitors to your site. Listing your site on social bookmarking sites helps you to draw attention of new visitors to your site. They visit your site from social bookmarking site because your site appeared in topic they were searching for.

2. Helps in attracting traffic. If you add a social bookmarking button to your site then the readers on your site can easily share your content with others thus leading to increase in traffic on your site.

3. People can find you as a business and thus they may purchase products and services offered by you to them if they want.

It is easily understood from the above detail that how important social bookmarking is. You can easily get what you want using social bookmarking. It is obvious and also mentioned above that if you are using social bookmarking then definitely you are going to get traffic on your site. Thus, more people will get to know about the products and services offered by you to them. If they like any then they will obviously purchase that product from you. Thus this gives a boost to your sales also. When Search engines like Google and Yahoo will observe that more people is visiting your site then you will get a higher rank in the search results. Thus, don’t ignore social bookmarking. It is very important for you.

I think that you have understood the importance of social bookmarking. Therefore, make use of it and enjoy the benefits you get.

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