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It is observed by many business that they are not able to sell their products. Visitors are not purchasing their products. They think that it is due to the design or content of their website. But is it really because of website design? No. It is not necessary every time that the design of your website is responsible for your loss. So what is the the reason behind the failure of the sell of products? Well, the main reason can be that the visitors don’t know how to buy from your site. It can happen that they liked your products but you don’t have mentioned any way by which they can purchase it from you, i.e., the website creates confusion about the purchasing system. So they don’t know how to buy product from you and thus, they purchase it from your competitors. You have to understand carefully and properly what your customers actually want from you.

Sales has always been a difficult task. You have to make it easy to buy from your site to increase your sales. The visitors will be able to buy products, if they liked any, if you makes purchasing process easy. The first and most important step in this is to make it easy for customers to find products on your website. Place the different products in the right category. It is also important for you to check that there is right picture of the product and also the description given is correct. If the description is different from the product then visitors will be confused and thus, they will not buy products from you. You can also make purchasing easy for your customers by writing a paragraph of instructions to direct your customers to the products and thus make sure that they do not get lost in your website. You can do this easily by putting a link of your order page from all other pages of your website.

Always remember that the visitors of your website will purchase any product from you if they trust you. If they will not trust you then it is obvious that they are not going to buy anything from you. You have to show customers that you are a reliable seller and online e-commerce store. You can do this by ensuring that your website is encrypted and all the details of the users are safely transmitted over the net site transaction. The visitors of your website will be confident if your website have a SSL. All you have to do is to win the trust of the visitors so that they converts to your customers. You can also win their trust by adding back guarantee, trial offers, no contracts etc.

There is also another way to win trust of the customers. This is to add testimonials on your website from your earlier customers. It is observed that most of the people reads views of other people before buying that product the particular company. The visitors will believe them more than you. So they will feel safer and more confident to buy products from your website. In simple words, the customers will believe you fully and buy products from you. This will increase your sales.

In payment mode, offer multiple payment solutions to customers. It could be a nice suggestion to have clear instruction on how to pay for the product they purchased from your site. Some customers are there that pay using PayPal, some pay with their credit cards and some pays using cheque. Some also prefer paying using Paytm. So offer more payment option. This will enhance the buyers experience and also the chances of winning the orders.

It is obvious that you don’t want to see your efforts going in vain. It is very bad for you if visitors likes the product on your site but are unable to purchase from you. So make buying from your website easy so that people don’t gets confused and purchases product from you. If your customers get a good experience then they will surely remember you whenever they want any product. Thus, making buying easy from your site will be benefit for your business.

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