Significance of Slideshare as a Marketing Tool

What is SlideShare? SlideShare is a virtual representation comprising of images and relevant text. In other ways, slideshare marketing can also be described as an interesting presentation to inform, convince, request and order public at large. You can do this only with the help of SlideShare website where the slide is uploaded after it is prepared.

For making a slideshare, first you have to register and be a member of slideshare website. There are four types of members. They are-

1.Basic Membership.

2.Silver Membership.

3.Gold Membership.

4.Platinum Premium Membership.

Out of the four, basic is the only free membership. Out of the other three, silver is the most famous as the paid member. You are unable to customize your channels or properly view your profile if you are a basic member. But you can enjoy the same facility if you are a platinum premium member. Beside this facility, there are many facilities that you can enjoy as a platinum premium member but not as a basic member.

Besides Internet Marketing, there are several new ways of marketing that are evolving now. These ways of marketing leave unimaginable effect on the viewers as it helps in creating and provoking feeling of people.

But how does it happens?Let me explain you with a example. Suppose you choose any topic, say Website Design, for your company. Now you want to promote your company through SlideShare. For this, your first work will be to create presentations in which you have to put several images related to website design. There is no restriction on the number of images. You can create as many images as you want. Always remember to make your images creative enough so that it can attract people’s attention. Your first work is done. Now your second work is to add text related to website design. It must be very impressive. It must not be just a simple text. Remember that only impressive text will be able to gain people’s attention. Your message would be delivered to the people only if they will take interest in reading the whole text. You should remember that you are preparing slideshare for gaining more attention of people. If your slideshare is not an impressive one then it is not going to do any profit to you.

From above, we can easily understand that we are using slideshare as a marketing tool. But why are we using it as a marketing tool? Well the reasons of using it as a marketing tool are mentioned below.

1.Pure traffic - SlideShare is one of the highest traffic gaining sites on Internet. Every month, there are about 60 millions people visiting it. It helps in showing your site to the visitor in a nice manner. Thus, it helps in gaining a number of audiences. You will find the amazing things that can happen when you use you website’s content on slideshare.

2.Business audience - We all now know that slideshare is a platform that is all about business. It will help you in gaining more audience. Thus, it will help you in increasing sales of your products and services and thus, it will increase your customer.

3.Leads - From the last few years, SlideShare is using a lead capturing tool, which is very simple tool. After using this tool, you will get to know how important the lead form is for the marketers.

Now we come to how it can be used as a marketing tool. Well, this is the most important question of this topic. It is obvious that if your slide is up to mark and it is most viewed then your presentation is definitely going to gain viewers and your matter will become popular. Your presentation is going to gain worldwide popularity. This means that more and more people are going to know about your products and services, which is obviously a benefit for you. All these will effect the popularity of your business and thus, your products and services, as mentioned above.

Getting more number of visitors in your SlideShare presentation and likes from them is going to help you in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or your website to add more traffic. Thus, you will be see that you are achieving your main motive, i.e., to increase popularity of your company and its products and services. So there is a probability that these viewers are going to be converted to customers and thus, this increases your sales.

The last thing is that your brand name will be increased worldwide automatically. Your brand name will get popular automatically if you get more and more viewers. If they will like you, they will obviously look for your company name, logo or its URL in the presentation so that they can get more information about you.

This is the whole thing about SlideShare and how it can be used as a marketing tool. If you want to prepare a SlideShare for your company then we can help you in doing so. We know what is required for giving you the best results. We have experience of doing so and we have prepared a number of presentations, so we can definitely help you in preparing one for you.

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