The fresh new Google look: Now on Blogger

Google has been working on getting a complete new look over the past few months and now Blogger has been upgraded too. It was really a pain when blogger went down a few weeks ago but now again it is back on its feet and is indeed been pulling off all stops at being the most preferred blog publishing platform. What it seems is that this year Google has been pulling all stops to be the best in terms of a blogging platform.
Now when we first login to blogger, we are able to see the following screen.
After clicking on “Try the updated Blogger interface” we will be taken to the new screen which will look somewhat like this.
The best part of the new interface is that as a blogger we will be able to see the analytics of the website right from the onset without getting into details. It gives us a snapshot about the way users have been viewing our site. Below is a detailed view.
The reading list also has a improved navigation and a much pleasant reading experience. You also have a “Hidden Blogs” feature which will enable you to hide blogs which has a lot of noise associated with it. Also in the default setting you will have the latest blogposts coming first and once we click on the related blog post it shows us latest blogposts of that particular blog.

And oh yes..!! We also have the liberty to export our blog subscriptions to google reader.

Happy Blogging.

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