We all are familiar with the best features that Facebook has provided to its users. But the war of social media is on. Thus, Facebook has started to launch update versions. It had made many changes in Facebook and is now offering even more great features to the users. And it is obvious that you should know about these features. Some of the changes that are made by Facebook are mentioned below.

1.Messenger Day Messenger Day is just a answer of Facebook’s messenger to the Snapchat stories. Its features are just like that of Snapchat Stories. The posts that you makes on Messenger Day disappears after 24 hours. You can use Messenger Day posts in your conversation. All you have to do is to just simply tap on that text and then you will be asked for a confirmation if you want to add that text to your day.

2.On This Day feature You know that you can easily check out on any browser about what you searched for and on which day. Similar is now possible on Facebook. Just like those browsers, you can check what happened in your life on particular day. This is On This Day. You can easily use it when you want to search for your history.

3.Messenger Goes Independent Facebook has also made one more change in relation with the Facebook Messenger. Now you can sign up for messenger without your Facebook account. But in this case, you have to sign up to Messenger using the mobile app. Also, it is now possible to make video calls from the messenger. It is one of the best alternative to Skype. You should know that is the only Facebook Messenger web app. As already mentioned above, you will now get all the features in messenger, including video callings. Thus, you should better go for the use of messenger. It is said earlier that you don’t need to use your Facebook account to use messenger.

4.News Feed with many videos Facebook said that there are many people who browse sites for watching videos. So Facebook is going to observe that and then there will be a plenty of videos on the news feed page of that users who are interested in watching more and more videos. After sometime, Facebook is going to observe exactly how much of a video you watch and then it will work accordingly. It is believed by Facebook that the videos you watch are those in which you are interested. So these videos and related videos will be displayed on your news feed page. It is obvious that these changes will not be observed by the people who are not interested in watching videos. These changes will benefit only those who watches long videos.

5.Add flag to your profile picture If you like to support your nation or you want to express your love for nation, you can do it on Facebook. Facebook now allows users to add a small icon to your profile picture. In previous time, Facebook has allowed users to show support to sports teams and movements. Now, Facebook also allows you to support your nation. There is a list of 200 country flag in the list from where you can choose your country’s flag and add it to your profile picture.

These are the main changes in Facebook in recent time. Enjoy the use of these features. Now it is also possible for you to unhide the stories from a person. To do so, you have to follow the given below steps.

1.Go to your profile Home Page and hover your mouse to the left of the side of the “News feed”.

2.Click on “Edit”.

3.After that a list of people, apps, pages and groups that have been hidden or unsuscribed from in the past. Then just save ticker.

Make use and enjoy the features of the new Facebook.

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