Free Calls from Gmail for U.S. Service Members

Over the last few years, Google is trying to get a personalized web space. It is a space where Internet is different for different people. To this, Google took one more step. It was free calling for U.S. service members from G-mail.

You can easily understand that it is not easy for military troops who are serving overseas to call their friends, relatives or family members. So this new feature is introduced for them so that they can easily contact their family members, friends or relatives. But there are certain steps after following which they will be able to call their family members. These military personnel will not be charged for making calls. It will be free for them.

To start or make use of this feature, military personnel has to follow the given below steps.

1.Firstly they have to enter their .mil address to their Google account. To do this-

(I) Sign in on the Google Accounts page.

(II) Now you will see an “Edit” option next to Email addresses. Click on it.

(III) Now a box or a field will appear named “Add an additional email address”. Add your .mil address there.

(IV) After adding your .mil address, click on Save. Then you will receive a mail on that same .mil address.

(V) Open the verification email and click the verification email.

2.At the top of the G-mail chat roaster, click on Phone Call link. Also, you have to install the voice and video G-mail plugin. Now you can make free calls from G-mail.

As already mentioned above, military personnel has install video and voice G-mail plugin to make use of this feature. There is a dialpad on the chat roaster using which they can make calls. They also have an option of putting the first call on hold and attending a second one. Similarly, they can put the first call on hold and make a second call. They are also provided a feature of switching between the calls. Google has provided them a feature which helped them a lot. U.S. Military Officers have got benefit from it. It has helped them in talking to their friends, relatives and family members easily.

Like military personnel, their family members can also make calls to them using G-mail. But unlike military officers, they will be charged for per minute. But the cost is very low. So they have got a benefit. They are charged $0.2 per minute.

All the people in the world know about the sacrifices military officers make for their country. They leave their home, family members and friends to serve their country so that their country members can live in peace. Google also understands it clearly. So they have made this feature so that they can help their military officers in getting in touch with their family members.

It is said by Google that they understand and appreciate the sacrifices made by the U.S. troops for their country while serving overseas. Thus, they feel proud in helping them to contact their family members easily.

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