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Google have introduced a new feature in Google Search results. Google introduced it in the year 2011. It is +1 button. So what is that +1 button? What is the purpose of the button? The answer is very simple. It is just a way to like Google search results. After signing in to the Google account, every search result will have a +1 button next to it. You should hit the button if you find the website useful and interesting. This is done only to inform Google that you have liked the site. More the likes, more interesting is the site.

We search for a query and Google gives us the answer. If we like website, we recommend it to our friends or relatives. But hitting +1 button allows you to inform every individual that will search for the same query. After hitting +1 button, you can share the contents with your circle of friends.

Google’s +1 button is like Facebook’s “Like” button. It is not so popularly used as it but +1 button have benefits for the Google + users. It has personalized the websites all together at a different level.

Hitting the +1 button means you are recommending the particular site to others. So they will visit the site. This means that the site is shared more. You know that if the site is shared more, it gets higher rank in Google Search. Therefore, it can be concluded that +1 button is one of the method of bringing traffic to the site and improving its Google ranking.

+1 button helps you to visit the best site. Imagine that any one of your friend found a site interesting for the query he searched and then +1’d it. Now if you searches for the same query in future, you will be able to understand that which site is interesting and you will visit that site from where you will get your answer. This reduced the time of going through several non - useful sites.

You can say that +1 button is social but it is not a social network. Another important point is that +1 does not change the way you use Google.


When you share contents from +1 button, a link, an image and a description is automatically included in the share box. Google calls these “+snippets”. Google has shared +snippets on the Google map so that people can easily share the Map contents in their circle or group.

+1 and +snippets both allow you to share but the difference is that +1 button allows you to share the content with your circle and +snippet button allows you to share the map content.

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