How Your Website Design Effects Your Ranking

Sometimes it may happen that even a highly attractive website design is unable to show the effect of best SEO ranking. This is due to the fact that search engine optimization process is not based on image optimization. Rather it depends on text optimization. Hence, the use of too many images will not help in getting a higher rank in search engine results page. Instead you should pay more attention to the quality of your content, i.e, text on your website.

Google likes those websites that are easy to navigate and also rich in content. It is an advantage for you if the text on your website is regularly updated. Besides rich content, you should also have contents that link in and out from your website to other websites. All this you can achieve just by keeping your website design simple and professional.

There are several methods by which your website design effects your ranking.

1.Size of the website matters. The size of your website can have a great impact on your SEO ranking. If you have very less pages content in comparison to others, you will not get a higher rank. Search engines wants big size contents. It helps in keeping the visitor on your website for a long time, which may result in sale of your products.

2.Graphics based websites. It looks that explaining to visitors about the products using many images is the best option. But it is not so.They are more difficult to optimize.Search engine robots are unable to read content in a image. So it will appear to them as very less content. So avoid much use of images. Use only sufficient amount of images. It is told in the above point that smaller content will lower your search engine ranking. You must create an html-based site which is easier to promote on search engines.

3.Use HTML. You can use Word processors to create HTML documents. You can upload these documents to the website using ftp. However in most of the cases, the codes are not relevant content. Rather they are lines and lines of font and position formatting. The websites which writes more efficiently generally gets a higher rank. Also using a huge amount of hyperlinks, bold text or text in italics, improper use of heading, alt and comment tags can result in lowering of your rank. In short, your website must be the one which exactly meets the needs of the visitors and they feel easy to navigate.

4.Choosing a wrong domain name can create a trouble for you. The most important point to keep in mind while designing websites is about the visitors. You should choose a business name as the domain name or there should be a short description of your product. Remember, using a long domain name is of no use. Nobody is going to remember it. Domain name is the place where the keywords appear. So you should choose a right domain name for your website.

5.Don’t use frames. Avoid the use of frames. They are not supported by some search engines. Also some browsers are not frame-compatible. So there will be some visitors that will not be able to see your site.

6.No updates. If you don’t update the contents of your website, you will get a poor ranking in SEO. It is observed that the websites that are always updated are given a higher rank. So better keep in mind to keep your website up-to-date to get a higher ranking.

Most of the big companies use simple and user friendly website designs. They do put much attention to images, i.e., they don’t use images to explain their ideas to the visitors. They pay greater attention to the content of their website. This is an ideal SEO rich website.

There are also several websites that looks amazing and attractive but lacks basic SEO features. In such cases, businesses uses SEO companies which help them to get the top position with their existing designs using paid and non-paid search engine marketing. There are also many good websites that doesn’t uses any SEO company or PPC company but still they have unique visitors to their website with their organic search engine optimization.

The most important point is that whether you want a website that suits your eye or you want the one that suits your business plan, you need to keep in mind about what the audiences want and expects from you and how big or small your business market is. For a local shop, design would come first as he could not expect people to come from another town to him for product which is present at the shops which is at small distance away from them.

I suggest you that its best to consult a SEO expert or SEO company or any internet marketing company. He can tell about what is best for your business. Making a right decision in the beginning can help your business go a long way.

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