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Website Designing is a very integral part of Website Development. Besides giving a good look to your website, it gives a good impression of your company to the visitors of your website. Nowadays, it is considered that a good looking website reflects the status of the company. You must have heard the saying “First impression is the last impression”. Similarly, whenever anyone visits a website, it is the home page that makes visitors creates anxiety in the visitors to go further deep in the website. We can say that home page is the main page that leaves a good impression on the visitors and makes them to go in further pages of the website. Home Page comprises of contents and moving images explaining about the company. The combination of colors used in designing must attract the customers.

Website development includes social media application and search engine optimization. Social media application includes Facebook, twitter and Google +, You tube and many more. These social media plays a significant role in marketing your website. Everybody knows that nowadays, people are very much engaged with the social media. As the marketing of websites is done on these social media sites, people visiting these social media gets to know about that website. They regularly visit these social medias. A perfect example of these media is Facebook. Here we find numerous ads of different companies and the likes given by the people to them. So it also helps in getting traffic to your website and thus, the website moves to the first page of the search engine result pages. In short, it is doing search engine optimization of the website. Thus, it helps in getting traffic and better rank on SERPs.

Now I will give you an example so that you can understand this concept easily. I have a restaurant and I required a website so that more people can come to know about my restaurant and enhance marketing. Also I wanted to improve the way of providing service. For this purpose, I was looking for a website designing company and then I came across a company “Brand Web Direct”, a company which is successfully designing websites for different companies.

I contacted them and explained my requirements for the website. We made a deal and came up with a price which according to me was appropriate for my website and also affordable for me. I knew that it is home page that will urge in them to go further deep in the website. So I asked them to make a home page that can easily attract people and can convert those visitors to customers. I was surprised when I received the demo home page within one day. The design was far more better than my expectations. This raised my expectations towards them. After the designing of the website, I saw that some pages was accurate as I wanted them and some were far more better than my expectations. I was impressed by the work of this company.

The development of my website was very good. They used HTML and PHP which is easily understood by anyone. They also created a Facebook fan page for my website so that I can easily do marketing of my website. People visiting my page liked it. It brought hits to my websites and my website is moved up in initial pages of search results. In short, it does SEO of my website and it was necessary for my website as if anyone will look for restaurants then my restaurant’s website will appear at the first page. They also helped in uploading videos on my restaurant on You Tube. The marketing of my website worked very well and I was able to see it within few months after launching the website.

It was really wonderful for me to work with Brand Web Direct. I have never seen someone working with such dedication. They always have tendency to complete their work within the given time and making their work perfect. From designing to development, everything was very professional. I also want to thank their staff for being so friendly. If I will get a chance to make another website for my restaurant then I will surely work with them again.

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