Website Visibility - Some Simple Tips

Making a website very attractive will not help you in getting a good SEO rank. As long as it is difficult to navigate the website and find the right content on your website, your website will help you in no way. You are going to get no positive results. It is just like you have a mango but you are unable to taste it. Similarly, you have a website but you will be unable to get any positive results from it. It is just useless.

In this blog, I have shared some simple and useful tips that will help you in increasing the visibility of your website and ensuring that website is doing its work, i.e., it offers easy navigation to the right content.

The first and most important thing is that you make your website’s content short. People will not like reading large piles of text that are not useful for them. Just mention important and useful points in your content. Otherwise, people will leave your website immediately. Remember, nobody likes to read large texts. You can use CSS to format the text properly using spaces between lines, proper headings, use of bold fonts etc.

The most used font which is considered good is Verdana. The idea is just to make sure that the text is seperable from one another and you don’t have to put force on your eyes to read the content.

You also remember to make use of keywords in your website’s content. It is not necessary that you use many keywords in your content. You just have to use the words using which user might use to make search so that you are displayed in the search results when searched. Always remember that your content is a attractive one. It must be capable of attracting a lot of traffic to your website. As mentioned earlier, content must not be very long. Otherwise, visitors will leave the website without reading even a single word.

It is also important for you to make sure that the visitor gets the information for which they visited your website. If there are thousands of links and contents on your website then he will be lost in your website. Thus, they will never visit your website again. If it is not mentioned properly how to reach to that content then user is surely never going to visit you again. So make sure that the visitors easily gets for what they visited your website, i.e., it is easy for them to navigate through your website without any difficulties.

Another important point is that you should check that your website don’t take much time for loading. You can make sure that loading time is fast by checking that the home page is not heavy with a number of videos, audios, images etc. If the website is not loading faster then it will be a disadvantage for you. Most of the users will leave the website if it is not loading faster. They feels it irritating and thus, they will never ever return to your website. This reduces the number of visitors to your website and thus in a lower ranking of your website in search results. So make sure that there is no heavy load of contents of videos and audios on your website. This will increase the loading time of your website.

Finally, there is nothing more dangerous than broken links. So make sure that every link on your website works. If it happens that a visitor clicks on link and then he gets nothing more than a blank page, he will leave your website immediately. It is my thinking that you don’t want your visitors to land on a blank page. So make sure that there is no blank page on your website.

Make sure that your website fulfills all the above points. It is only then that your website will get a good ranking in search results. Thus, you have to follow the above details to create a successful website.

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