Why Should You Have a Mobile Website

Websites were designed for large screens of computers and laptops. It is difficult to browse websites using mobile phones even with large screens. It is also not possible to view the website programming language on the mobile phone screen. Therefore, it means that the important messaging, including navigation may not work for many websites.

Now a days, the introduction of iPhone and Google’s Android Operating system has enabled customers to make use of their mobile phones for surfing the web. It is important to have a mobile optimized website as more and more consumers prefers their mobile phone as the primary Internet browsing device. To generate traffic on your website, it is important to have a mobile friendly website. Mobile websites have changed the way in which consumers surf the website , finding the products and interaction with the companies. Today, every consumer has made mobile devices their first choice to browse the website. The demand of mobile devices is now increased. So it is important to have a mobile friendly website.

There are several reasons which shows the need of having a mobile website.

1.Google treat mobile websites as very important. It gives importance to the mobile friendly websites on those that are not mobile friendly. So you should have a mobile friendly website.

2.Google might penalize you for not having a mobile friendly website. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then Google will produce the websites that are mobile friendly when searched on any mobile phone. This results in lowering of your rank in SERPs.

3.Google wants you to do it. Google have explained why mobile friendly websites are important and have recommended to have one. You should try something Google have recommended you. So you should have a mobile website.

4.People prefer using mobile phones over computers and laptops. From gathering simple information to purchasing any products, people use their mobile phones. So your business will not be a long lasting in this world of mobile phones if you don’t have mobile friendly website.

5.You can reach customers faster. Google rewards higher rank to the websites that are user friendly. So your site will be seen and visited by many people. Also, customer don’t need to know your exact URL, they can directly come to your site by performing a search.

6.Having a mobile friendly website benefits your reputation. Users will have a great experience with the mobile website. So they will want to visit this site again and again. They will make a note of website they have a great experience with. So this benefits your reputation.

7. Your business will be considered as modern. You might have useful and great products but if you don’t have a mobile friendly website then people will not visit your site. This results in less sale which is a loss in your business. But if have a mobile friendly website, people will get to know about your products.

8.Your business will not last for a long time. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you will lose your business. There is increasing number of people who are using mobile phones instead of computers and laptops. You should give your customers what they want.

In today’s world, since the use of mobile phone has increased so much, your company should have a mobile friendly website design so that you are easily able to interact with the customers. In any business, interaction with the customer is very important. You can easily do this with the help of mobile website. This helps to improve your business a lot.

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