Five Ways to Boost Facebook Likes for Your Fan Page

All small social media business will disagree for promotion in general and net promotion in particular. The founder of those companies are more passionate about what they do than promoting themselves. But Facebook is the place where the companies should promote their business. More people will come to know about their business through Facebook. Recently, the general manager of the #1 social media design explained about how to go beyond the walls of Facebook and make social network a practical platform for the promotion of businesses.


The five methods of boosting your Facebook likes for your fan page.

1. Promotion on other social media. Promote your page on other social media using your account on them. Just writing “Like us on Facebook” is not going to work. You have to attract your followers on other social media to your Facebook fan page. Point your followers on other social media to the discussion happening on your page. If they like the discussion they are definitely going to hit the like button. This will boost your likes on Fan page.

2.  You should use Facebook’s page plugin, formerly called Like Box, on your blog. A like button is great for getting your content shared but the page plugin gives a boost to your fan page likes. Page Plugin is the best option for boosting likes for Facebook fan page. Installing Page Plugin to your website is very simple. Copy and paste the code at the sidebar of your website. It will obviously help to give many likes to your fan page.

3.  Your content must be interesting enough to attract users. Only after that your page is going to get like. It is observed that most of the time users dislikes posts because they are not interesting. So remember to make your posts interesting. Maybe they will refer it to their friends and they will also like your page. This will give a boost to the likes of you Facebook fan page.

4. Always keep your posts small. It is observed that smaller posts get a large number of likes, i.e., it is liked by many people. It may happen that a person doesn’t like your post because it was very big. He will not read it even if it is interesting. So always keep your posts small and sweet. Many researchers have found that keeping the character numbers less than 40 is suitable.

5. Your posts must meet the needs of users. If your post meets the needs of users, you are definitely going to get a like and even they can share your posts to their friends. Similarly, if his friend likes the page you will get another like. In this manner, your Facebook fan page likes will be boosted. Remember, you should pay attention to the conversations going on in your industry. Add some posts on those discussions. This will give boost to likes of your Facebook fan page.


Ask your fans to suggest your page to their friends, especially the Facebook friends. It will help you in gaining more and more likes for your page. If you want more people to know about your page, click on the “Share” button. This will share your posts on your page with others.


Nowadays, there is a little trick by which you can gain more likes for your page. When you mention or tag any other Brand Page in your post, your post is automatically mentioned in that very Brand Page. Do this carefully so that your post is no considered as spam the other Brand Page. This method is very helpful if the Brand Page has more number of fans than your page. This will help you gain a number of likes for your fan page

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