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Google + and Facebook both are online social medias. But it is very difficult to say which one is better. There are some of the features that makes Google + good and there are some other features that makes Facebook better. Google + offers some features that Facebook don’t and vice versa.

Google + Features

You must have a Google account in order to use Google +. It doesn’t means that it is necessary to have a Google mail account. After creating your Google account, you can invite people to your network using your address book and use that as a starting point.


Google has brought the concept of circles- you can create a circle or group of friends, relatives, co-workers and family members. Then you can share anything in the group- any image, video or text. You can also select who can see what type of updates. Currently, Facebook doesn’t offers the feature to control who sees what going in our life. This is where Google + have a plus point.


This is one of the killer features of the Google +. This helps in group video calling. You are able to do group video chatting. Click on the Hangouts button and then you can invite friends just by sending them notification. If there is no one around, all you can do is to just hang out waiting for someone to turn up. In simple, you can invite members of team and have a quick video chat. It is one of the best features offered by Google +. In the demo atleast, Hangouts is very easy to use. For this feature, Google doesn’t uses Adobe Flash. Instead it uses its own Video Codec.


This is a mobile group chat service offered by Google. It is much like Beluga, the fast growing service that have splitted with the Facebook just after the few weeks of its launch. It is a great feature.

Instant Uploads

Google + have come up with a new approach to images and videos. It is called Instant Uploads. It helps in sharing your photos. Take your photo and it uploads the photo to your Picasa or Youtube account from where you can share those videos using Google + to specific groups or circles.


It is a new feature that allows you to create a topic of interest and then use them as a source of information and then you can share it with your different group.These interest packs offers a lot of content and also videos.Circles, Hangouts and Huddles are features that allows personal sharing and personal communication. On the other hand, Spark is devoid of that connection.

Except the above mentioned features, there is nothing different in Google + from Facebook.

Facebook Features That Keeps It Ahead Of Google +


In Google +, only other users are searchable but in Facebook, you can search about all public content. You can find reactions to a breaking news story on Facebook. This feature is not offered by Google +. This is one feature that keeps Facebook ahead of Google +. Google + should offer this feature to their users.

Application programming Interface

Today, Google Play does not offers other applications. For instance, check-in of foursquare users appears directly on Facebook. But Google + does not offer any such feature. This makes Facebook better than Google +. It is also available on the API which Google is going to release.

Brand Pages

In past, Google did not outline its brand page policy for Google +. So the companies and organizations created their pages. But that pages were subsequently deleted from the user’s point of view. But the information shared by these organizations on their Facebook pages were really interesting. Its not only “Please buy our products”. Google needs to clarify their brand page policies as fast as possible.


Users don’t miss ads on Facebook, especially those appearing on the sidebar of Facebook. Now revenue is revenue. Google + is missing out some revenue with its users over 20 millions. If there are no ads during trial, it is acceptable. But if they don’t appear during the time of their official debut then it is surprising.

Photo Tagging

Photo Tagging has raised several questions on security on facebook. Inspite of that, it is one of the most efficient method to let friends and contact know when they appear in users photo. In short, The interface to download photos in Google + is well organized but it lacks tagging.


Every Facebook user is familiar with the fact that Facebook offers different games which are very attractive. Users are happy with the games offered by it. Google is working on a gaming platform and it is trying to attract users that are unhappy with the Facebook games. But it is not so. There are a number of users that are attracted and addicted to Farmville, Scrabble and other Facebook games.

Events and Birthdays

Facebook has a features which has the list of any event or birthdays of the facebook friends of user. It reminds the user on the day to wish the friend. Events should be a part of social media. It also reminds about the anniversary of the friendship. But no such reminder is given in Google +. Google + does not offer any such feature to organize events. Birthdays are not even the part of users Google + profile. While this is a minor issue and no reason to quit Google + , it is also an oversight that should be attended.

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