Plagiarism means to copying the contents of another website. It can also be said that plagiarism means to steal ideas, thoughts and expressions of others. People performing plagiarism tries to express the old content as a new developed idea. They copy the contents from another websites. This process of copying contents from another website is called Patchwriting. Plagiarism is not punishable by law.

Google can easily check whether a text is plagiarized or not. If the content of any two websites are same then Google identifies that who has copied the text and that very website is then punished by lowering its rank in the search results page.

You should know about the works that are considered as plagiarism. The list of those works are given below.

1.Copying ideas of someone without informing him and also not giving any credit to him.

2.Turning someone else’s work as yours.

3.Copying the sentence with the words changed without giving any credit to the source.

4.Copying many ideas that makes the majority of your work from a source. No matters you have given credit to source or not, it is considered as plagiarism.

These works are considered as plagiarism.

You may think that it doesn’t matters if the images or videos are same. But you are wrong if you are holding this thinking. If the images, videos or music are same then it is also a plagiarism work. Given below are the works that are considered to be plagiarism in the field of images, videos and music.

1.Copying any media, especially images, from other websites and pasting it in your website is considered plagiarism.

2.Performing another person’s copyrighted music.

3.Preparing a video using footage from others’ videos.

Sometimes it may happen that you plagiarize your own work. Your writers write a lot of thing. They write on different topics. It may happen that unknowingly, it plagiarizes its own work. Thus, it will result in penalizing you. These contents are considered as multiple publication. It is difficult to identify self plagiarism but it does not means that you can do it. So the writers must be very careful while writing contents.

Sometimes, people plagiarizes unknowingly. The content written by them contains some information that matches with the content of others websites. It is considered as Unintentional Plagiarism. You will not be able to identify this as you are thinking that this idea came up from your mind.

There is a type of plagiarism called Cut and Paste. It is another method of copying information from others website. It is obvious that there may be some words identical. But it is impossible that the whole content is same. This is considered plagiarism. There are still many people that uses this technique.

You should know that plagiarism can easily be detected using Plagiarism checker. It is a software that helps anyone to check plagiarism. They are now available online. So you should be aware of this before plagiarizing work of others.

You should always remember that plagiarism goes both way. This means that you can copy information from other websites but the same can happen with you. Somebody else can copy content from your website. So you should prevent this from happening. Sometimes the case arises that your whole website is stolen. In this case, Google considers you as the one who have copied the contents from the one who copied your content. This results in lowering your rank in search results page or sometimes results in Google blocking your website. One should know what to do if the content from his website is copied.

You should avoid plagiarism. Now you will ask how to avoid it? Well, the best way to avoid plagiarism is not to copy at all. Another way is to avoid making researches all the time and writing at the last minute. The chances of your plagiarizing work of others is definitely high at this time.

There are also several tools using which you can easily check plagiarism. Use those tools for checking plagiarism after writing your content. One such tool for checking plagiarism is Copyscape. It is a cheap tool and is better than any other tool.

Another tool to do the same is IFTTT. It stands for “IF THIS THEN THAT”. This tool creates e-mail alerts when your information is shown on other websites.

It is important for you to understand the copyright laws if you want to avoid plagiarism. You should avoid it as it will give you nothing but the negative results.

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