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Every time the Internet has faced one major challenge. It is personalizing the web space. Web is something that should be different for every person. There should be a space in web which is personal for every individual. Many major companies have tried to do the same. Every website has tried to show a platform where the experience of user is personalized. The webs have tried using multiple APIs to focus on subjects of interest.

After Inside Search media event held in San Francisco, in Google, the engineers are trying to make browsing a more personalized experience. As of late Google have offered the features through which it will remain a person’s favorite search engine.


In an effort to make user experience more personalized, Google has also added another feature to its large array. It is named Google Related. It is a Google toolbar and comes with a Chrome extension. The main purpose of Google Related is to connect the users to the content relative to what they are browsing for. When a user visits a website with focus on something particular, the Google Related bar pops up and displays an array of websites, images and videos related to the search of the user. Click here and get a more personalized web.

Google Image Search is not the place where we normally search a image by a query. It is another place where you search about a particular image. Here you drag and drop the image. Then Google searches the related images. This service offer users to search in terms of images. Click here and try yourself.

+1. This is the awesome Google Plus One button. It enables Google to give more personalized search results. It helps Google in analyzing the type of websites the user likes and thus provides results based on those tastes.In short, it enables Google to provide relevant search results.


Google Voice has made searches easy for mobile phones a long time back. Google Voice Search produces results faster on the mobile phones. But the same work takes a long time on the desktops. Google Voice was enabled on desktops after some time of launching it on the mobile phones. Also, the functionality of Google Voice Search is limited to chrome. It is only a breeze to use if you don’t mention the problems with accent. But Google tries to be the best of the bests at what it is very good.

Google have also offered Google Instant Pages. It is another feature that enables users to go to the desired web page even faster. It also enables Google to take screen shots of pages which seems to be most relevant for the searched query. Thus producing the relevant results of the searched query to the users. Google Voice Search and Google Instant Pages both provide results on the searched query at a faster rate.


Take a look on below statistics. In the year 2010, Google realized over 2000 Search experiments. It improved its core algorithm by making around 500 changes in it. In 2009, for the search “dog”, Google returned approximately 51,900,000 results in about 0.25 seconds. In 2011, the number of results changed to 1,350,000,000 in 0.18 seconds for the same search query “dog”.

Google improves itself everyday. It overtake its benchmark everyday. A day at Google is a day of creation through innovation.

Engineers working in Google said that people talks about the Google Search but the fact is that there is no single Google. They said that there are are 50-200 different versions of their core algorithm at any given time. They personalize the searches for the users. If they want more personalized experience, log into your Google account.

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