Difference Between Windows 8 and Windows 7

We all know that Windows 7 offered many facilities to users. But there were still some features that Windows 7 was unable to offer. Those features were included in Windows 8. Microsoft launched Windows 8 in the year 2012.

Windows 8 has came up with new and advanced features which was not offered by Windows 7. It has a completely different look and also it is more user friendly. Microsoft launched it with the motive to improve user’s experience on mobile tablets so that they are are able to complete with other mobile operating system such as android and apple IOS. Thus, Windows 8 is compatible with all the mobile devices.

Windows 8 has an entirely different look from Windows 7. After logging in to Windows 8, the first thing you see is a different Start page that is called “Metro”. Secondly, there are no icons on the start screen. Instead it has “Tiles”. You have to click on these tiles to open the App. If there is not a particular app you want to open then right click on the space at the bottom of the screen and choose All Apps. Then , instead of start menu, Windows 8 has a “Charm Bar” from where you are able to shut down your computer and also use other tools. Also, the aero glass theme and windows glass theme which was present in Windows 7 are removed in Windows 8.

Windows 8 also offers safety features. It has an anti-virus named “Defender”. But no such anti-virus was present in Windows 7. Windows 8 offers two versions of the Internet Explorer 10. Windows 8 has came up with a new type of security password. It is Picture Password. With the help of picture password, you can set secret patterns on your desired picture so that you only know about it and it acts as a password.

Windows 8 has an awesome feature of automatically scaling itself according to the size of the screen. Thus, with this great feature, Windows 8 is able to run from small mobile devices such as smart phones, iPhone etc. to large sized laptops and computers. This makes it better than Windows 7.

In Windows 7, the decision was left for user if he wants to close the programs which are open for a long time and not used. This results in slower performance of the system. But this problem is solved in Windows 8. It automatically saves and closes the program which you have not used for sometime.This helps to work conveniently and there is no harm to the speed.

In Windows 8, status bar button has been reduced and the details button is on the right, not at the bottom of the screen. The parental control features which were present in other features of Windows are replaced by Microsoft family safety.

Windows 8 is compatible with the applications (abbreviated as apps). Nowadays, people spend more time on mobile phones and social media where they share their personal stuffs. You have all your images and videos spread everywhere in your computer and few in your apps.

Windows 8 came up with a feature where you can easily send or receive images from one app to other. For example, you have few images on your computer and rest on yammer. You want to send your few picks from Skype which are present in yammer. In this case, you have to download the images on your computer and then add them on Skype. Thus it becomes a very long process.

Windows 8 removes all these features.While using Windows 8, you just need to click on Add option on Skype and the picker will look for your images in computer and also on yammer. Thus this long process has been reduced to a simple 3 step process. This is a better way and it is the part where Windows 8 becomes more powerful.

All the above features makes Windows 8 better option than Windows 7. Windows 8 have came up with some additional features which are very good for mobile phones. They are very good competitors of androids and apples.

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