Reason Behind the Popularity of Google Videos

Internet has seen a phenomenal growth in the field of online videos in very short time. There are many websites that host online videos which are very popular and Google Video is one of them. Google Videos have gained much popularity. But what are the reasons behind the popularity of these sites? You all know that there are uncountable people that entertains themselves by watching videos on these websites but do you know how these websites became popular?

Every website has some unique feature associated with it. It is that unique feature only that makes it different from others. This is the reason why new users have started coming to this site and old users are still coming back. Let us take the example of Google. The new users and old users both likes it and it is favorite of both of them. It offers a number of exciting features that makes it different from others.

Google offers all the users a variety of choices. This feature of Google Videos make it different from other sites. There is also another advantage of Google Videos. Besides watching videos, you can also create videos and upload it. You can easily create a video on Google Videos. Even a new comer who doesn’t know how to create videos can easily create the same using Google Videos in minutes. Then you can upload your video on Google Videos and then there will be people watching your videos. This feature of creating videos very easily makes it different from others. This makes Google Video very popular.

You can easily modify Google videos. It is highly customizable. Google Videos offers user to view free or paid videos. Users are able to choose to view the free content or if they want then they may pay for the premium videos that they view. They can pay on a per view basis. These premium videos have well known people from the business, politicians etc, or the videos may be a full version with some extra footage. That extra footage is not available in the videos that are free to view. It doesn’t means that the viewers will be disappointed after watching the free videos. There is no lack of quality videos in the free categories. Also why should one pay for the service he is not going to use on a daily basis? That is why videos that are in free categories are also useful.

As I mentioned have mentioned it above, there is no lack of videos in Google Videos. There are a thousand of categories of videos in it. A user can simply search for the video he wants to watch. As said earlier, Google Videos comprises of a number of videos. So while searching for his video, a user gets interesting videos that excite him, even if his taste is different. This is one of the primary reasons behind the the success and popularity of Google Videos. The second reason behind the popularity of Google Videos is that it is easy to navigate. It also have options for searching, watching, rating or sharing a video. Besides searching, there is also an option of rating a video or you can share that video with your friends. Overall, Google Videos has gained popularity because of its unique features that makes it different from other sites of watching videos.

It is my opinion to you that you should try Google Videos. Experience yourself the quality of videos and try all the features of Google Videos. There is a lot of chance that you will get hooked to it after using it just as millions of other people.

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