Why SEO is a Basic Necessity for Any Website

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means that it helps in increasing the visibility of a website in search results of search engines. It is a process in which different activities are involved in increasing the visibility of the website.

But what is the need of SEO? Why we need to increase the visibility of website? It is observed that people visit the sites appearing only on the first page. Sometimes they go to second page but never beyond that. So it is important for our website to appear on the first page of search results. Therefore, our basic requirement is to appear our website on the first page. This will increase the traffic on our website and thus increases visibility. This also converts visitors to customers.

Some reasons behind the necessity of SEO are given below.

1.Search Engines will help visitors to find you easily. It is observed that 80-90% people check online for any product. It will not take long time when all the people will be searching for products online. Now if your site is not visible to visitors, they will not visit your site and thus not purchase any product from you. Instead they will purchase the same product from your competitor. Therefore, without SEO, people will not be able to find you. It will take hard for them to find you. Thus, it will result in lowering of sales of your products.

2.SEO is cost effective. SEO costs less as compared to other methods of online marketing such as social media marketing. Other forms may be important but SEO always remains the fundamental principle on which your website is based.

3.SEO is not going to stop soon. It cannot be said that SEO is going to stop soon. SEO use is increased with the increased development of search engines. So you can fully rely on SEO for increasing your visibility. Even the voice search depends on keywords as the text search do. So your success is guaranteed as long as SEO exists.

4.If your website is a big one then SEO help you in running it smoothly. If your website have more than one author, SEO helps in using a common framework for posting contents on your website. This can be said as indirect benefit of SEO. Its direct benefit is increased traffic on your website. So SEO is important for your website.

5.The most important reason behind using SEO is that your competitors are using it. Your competitors are using SEO techniques to benefit themselves. If you are not going to use those techniques then your competitors will leave you behind and increase their sales and profit. It is seen that if there are two websites offering the same products then the website using SEO popularity gains more traffic which means that he is going to earn more profit. Therefore, SEO can help you in being ahead of your competitors.

These are the main 5 reasons for which SEO should be used. Remember, a good website without SEO techniques is nothing. Assume that there is a website named “Optical World” offering lens, spectacles and sunglasses online. It has attractive offers, discounts and other shopping facilities for customers. But the website is not optimized. The result of this will be that there will never be traffic on his site and also there will be no sale of his product. People will never get to know about the existence of such website. Even if some people come to know about it, Optical World will be displayed on 200-300 page. So they will not prefer going there and thus, they will go to your customer and purchase the same product. Therefore, your competitor will ahead of you. So SEO is necessary.

The various activities is SEO includes

I. Content Writing.

II. Blog Commenting.

III. Social Bookmarking.

IV. Social media marketing.

V. Publishing ads.

VI. Keyword analysis.

VII. On-page and off-site SEO.

Besides above creative ideas, there are other activities that keeps on generating everyday. Thus, it can be concluded that a website without SEO means that your website will not be profitable to you. It is of no use until it is optimized.

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