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Every time the Internet has faced one major challenge. It is personalizing the web space. Web is something that should be different for every person. There should be a space in web which is personal for every individual. Many major companies have tried to do the same. Every website has tried to show a platform where the experience of user is personalized. The webs have tried using multiple APIs to focus on subjects of interest.

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The Google Share Button

Want your visitors to share your posts to their circles straight from your Blog? Learn how to install the Google Share button into your blog.
Since the early days of Google+ it has grown up to be a fitting contender to Facebook and Twitter. As of today Google+ has another add-on to its huge list of features: “The Share Button”

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SUBJOT: The new Twitter

First question that arise in every mind is - What is Subjot?Now, the Subjot is like a twitter that allows you to follow your friends on the subjects you are interested in.

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Google Plus VS Facebook

Google + and Facebook both are online social medias. But it is very difficult to say which one is better. There are some of the features that makes Google + good and there are some other features that makes Facebook better. Google + offers some features that Facebook don’t and vice versa.

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How Your Website Design Effects Your Ranking

Sometimes it may happen that even a highly attractive website design is unable to show the effect of best SEO ranking. This is due to the fact that search engine optimization process is not based on image optimization. Rather it depends on text optimization. Hence, the use of too many images will not help in getting a higher rank in search engine results page. Instead you should pay more attention to the quality of your content, i.e, text on your website.

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Best Development Practices For a Good SEO

Nowadays, it is not sufficient that you just created your website and then wait for results. Getting positive results from your website is not an easy task. It is necessary for any website, whether it is an e-commerce website or a high need bespoke website, you all need SEO for publicity. It is necessary for any website holder to give importance to the SEO. So what are the main points that we should keep in our mind?

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