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SUBJOT: The new Twitter

Jot your thought and select a subject.
What is Subjot?

Subjot lets you follow your friends in the subjects that interest you.

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Google Plus VS Facebook

Google launched its most awaited and highly anticipated social networking site and has 750 millions users all across the globe in its development phase. This is not  first time for Google plus to have a Social Networking site, before  the boom of Facebook was Orkut  which in early stage did work well but  then because  of its limitations and lack of variations  it could not stand in comparison to Facebook. But, it’s too early to conclude between Facebook and Google+.

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How Your Website Design Effects Your Ranking

Some people find it funny, but a highly attractive website design may have not have the effects best seo ranking. This simply is, due to the fact, that search engine optimisation process is majorly based on website text optimisation and not on image optimization. Hence the use of too many images, flash or other web objects, may prove against your website in getting higher ranks on search engines.

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Best Development Practices For a Good SEO

Now! This is a mini bible for the top things to remember while developing a website. Whether it is an ecommerce website, a simple brochure website development or a high end bespoke website, we all need seo for publicity. So what do we keep in mind, to ensure that we get the best of the results from search engines?

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Significance of  Slideshare as a Marketing Tool

What is Slideshare? In simple words, Slideshare is a virtual presentation consisting of Images and relevant text. This Slideshare marketing, in other way, can also be described as an interesting presentation to convince, inform, request, order public at large. This is possible with the Slideshare website where, after preparing the slide share, it is uploaded.

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It means copying the contents from another websites.

The process of rewriting the contents from another website is known as Patchwriting.

If the contents of any websites are similar then the Google identifies the website which have copied the contents and lowers its rank in the search engine results page.

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