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We all are familiar with the best features that Facebook has provided to its users. But the war of social media is on. Thus, Facebook has started to launch update versions. It had made many changes in Facebook and is now offering even more great features to the users. And it is obvious that you should know about these features. Some of the changes that are made by Facebook are mentioned below.

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The fresh new Google look: Now on Blogger

Google has been working on getting a complete new look over the past few months and now Blogger has been upgraded too. It was really a pain when blogger went down a few weeks ago but now again it is back on its feet and is indeed been pulling off all stops at being the most preferred blog publishing platform.

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Free Calls from Gmail for U.S. Service Members

Over the last few years, Google is trying to get a personalized web space. It is a space where Internet is different for different people. To this, Google took one more step. It was free calling for U.S. service members from G-mail.

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+1 and + snippets


Google have introduced a new feature in Google Search results. Google introduced it in the year 2011. It is +1 button. So what is that +1 button? What is the purpose of the button? The answer is very simple. It is just a way to like Google search results. After signing in to the Google account, every search result will have a +1 button next to it. You should hit the button if you find the website useful and interesting. This is done only to inform Google that you have liked the site. More the likes, more interesting is the site.

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Relevance → Simplicity → Speed

Every time the Internet has faced one major challenge. It is personalizing the web space. Web is something that should be different for every person. There should be a space in web which is personal for every individual. Many major companies have tried to do the same. Every website has tried to show a platform where the experience of user is personalized. The webs have tried using multiple APIs to focus on subjects of interest.

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The Google Share Button

Want your visitors to share your posts to their circles straight from your Blog? Learn how to install the Google Share button into your blog.
Since the early days of Google+ it has grown up to be a fitting contender to Facebook and Twitter. As of today Google+ has another add-on to its huge list of features: “The Share Button”

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