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Business Presentation Marketing

For corporate settings, presentations should be interactive and interesting capable of influencing the audience. Many tools and aids can be used for business presentations like PowerPoint, slide projector, flash, keynote, think free show software, Google docs, and some can also be staged orally. Information should be provided succinctly after giving ample forethought to the content to be included in the script, elements that can be eliminated, and the key data points that should be highlighted

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Website Design and Social Bookmarking – Link Between the Two

Now a day’s social bookmarking site has been skyrocketed in past few years. The social bookmarking site is used by many people in the world and it is getting more popular.

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How Does Social Bookmarking Help in Increasing Site Ranks

It is not a wonder now that you can improve your web sites performance in the major search engines by getting involved via the social bookmarking sites.  The major players in search (Google, Yahoo) count the links from these popular communities as “back links” to your website design. These links tend to improve your sites ranking. 

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Why Should You Have a Mobile Website

Web sites were designed for the large screens of Computers or Laptops. Mobile devices, even those with large screens like an Iphone, makes it very difficult to browse and surf most web sites. And some web site programming languages, including Flash, can’t be viewed on some mobile device operating systems. That means that important messaging, even navigation, may not work for many web sites.

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Facebook Timeline: Your Life Story on Facebook

MakZuck in the F8 conference yesterday announced the new Facebook Timeline feature. But as of now it is still in a development stage. Or so they say/think.

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The power of Social Media

This blog post is entirely about the how social media helps businesses and was shared in a Google+ post by Robert Scoble.

A note to my brother, Ben Scoble, the bar owner in Virginia

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